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Control your Squeezebox and your players with Fiona, a UWP application that will let you interact with your music library and your subscription services and play tracks around your home.


  • Autodiscover and connect to your Logitech Media Server/Squeezebox
  • Manual detection of server location
  • Navigate your music library by album and artist
  • Albums and artists images and biographies sourced from Discogs.com
  • Individual queues for all your connected players
  • Now Playing page with artist images
  • 3rd party apps to integrate Bandcamp, Spotify, etc
  • World wide radios support


  1. A Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server instance in your network (you can get the software from https://www.mysqueezebox.com/download)
  2. At least one music player. This can be a Logitech Squeezebox (any model), a Raspberry Pi, or a software player like SqueezePlay. See the installation page for detailed instructions.